Freedom Wicks

Freedom Wicks 2.75 oz. Wax Melts

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Freedom Wicks Wax Melts

These Freedom Wicks wax melts are sure to fill your home with joy and good smells! Freedom Wicks is committed to empowering veterans and helping to make your house a home. To accomplish this, we use all-natural soy in each of our wax melts and all of our scents are pthalate free so you can enjoy the wax melts without remorse. 

Our wax melts come in over a dozens scents and five colors to best match the scent in question. Feel free to scroll through our candle collection to determine which scent is paired with which color.

Freedom Wicks is committed to donating ten percent of each sale to improving the lives of American veterans.

Freedom Wicks - Empowering Veterans, One Wick at a Time.