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Freedom Wicks 8 oz. Candle Sampler

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Freedom Wicks Candle Sampler

Freedom Wicks is proud to offer what we've all been waiting for: a candle sampler. We know, we know, you cannot wait to buy it. Well, here it is in all of it's glory!

The Freedom Wicks candle sampler includes three 8 oz. tin candles, which you can choose by sending us an email at because I cannot figure out how to give you the options on this website... just send us your top three and we'll wave our magic wand! We know you'll enjoy these as much as we do!

To help you enjoy burning our candles just a little more, please be advised that we took the drastic step of going all-natural here. That is right, these are 100% soy candles and they are always pthalate free so you can enjoy a toxin free sniff zone around these bad boys. Each of these candles comes in an 8 oz. tin candle and is rated to burn at least thirty hours and bring some, probably, much needed light to your home!

Finally, you should know that we are offering our three flagship candles in a bundled, discounted offer so you'd be silly to pass this up. Do us all a favor and hit buy.

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