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Houston, we have lift-off!

It's now been one week since the official launch of the Freedom Wicks website and we could not be more ecstatic! We have now had the pleasure of making online and in-person sales and we look forward to continuing to bring smiles to many homes and making a difference in the lives of veterans.


Freedom Wicks - Empowering Veterans, One Wick at a Time

Freedom Wicks - Rose Scented Candle



In order to create our candles, we go through quite a few steps. Naturally, we are learning as we go and each batch helps us to continue to hone our skills and we continue to learn more about the craft. First, we have the set up. For most batches, we prefer to make something to the effect of 120 at a time as we've found it to be a decent number of candles and something we can accomplish in four to five hours, excluding the setting time.
Freedom Wicks - Empowering Veterans, One Wick at a Time

 Prepping tins, scents, and equipment!


After we have prepped the scents, the tins, and gotten the wax melter heated up, we are good to go. A constant supply of wax goes into the melter and comes out in liquid form. For the scent stage, we have dedicated utensils for each scent to ensure that your lavender candle is lavender and your sandalwood is sandalwood, etc. The wax is weighed out in liquid form and then we use measuring cups to measure out and then pour in the appropriate amount of each scent. Then, we pour! The hot wax is added to the tin, a wick bar is placed over the tin, and then we move on. After all of the candles have been poured, we ensure that the area is clean and then we exit the mixing area for at least twelve hours to ensure that we do not introduce debris, dust, or stir up dirt in the area as we want you to receive a clean, well-set candle.


Label, Store, Sell, Deliver!


Freedom Wicks - Empowering Veterans, One Wick at a Time

This batch is almost ready to be boxed up!


After the batch is set and ready to go, it first goes through a quality assurance inspection and subsequently gets cleaned to remove any wax which may have dripped or accidentally spilled in the pouring process. Each candle is inspected to ensure that the wax set evenly, the scent mixed correctly, and the wick did not move in the setting process. Any deficient candles are removed from the batch and handled individually.

After each candle is inspected, it is time for the labeling. Each candle is labeled top, front, and bottom by hand to ensure proper branding and all applicable warning labels are affixed to the tins. After this, the candles are sorted by scent and find their way into their appropriate box for storage. At this point, they await your order either in-person or via the website, when they are shipped directly to your doorstep!


Empowering Veterans


Freedom Wicks - Empowering Veterans, One Wick at a Time

Freedom Wicks Japanese Cherry Blossom Candle


After the product has been sold and all appropriate accounting completed, 10% of the gross sale is transferred to a specially designated savings account. At the end of each quarter, a check is cut and mailed to our partner organization where it begins empowering the lives of disabled American veterans.

We hope that you have enjoyed this walk-through of the Freedom Wicks process and we wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you for your support and enabling us to make a difference in the lives of those brave men and women who have given so much to make this great nation that much better. We are only here because of you!

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Warmest Regards,

Mitch & Rocio
Freedom Wicks

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